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Disability Accommodation for Protecting the Rights

Sufficient and suitable accommodation is considered as a right of the persons with disabilities, disability accommodation my require adaptations or modifications in the present circumstance for the smooth functioning of the person. Earlier we consider these measures as a welfare activity for the disabled persons, but now it is considered as the right of the persons with special needs. Ailment housing is not just about giving some reservation for the job or study but we must ensure every surroundings should be perfectly matched with the special needs of these differently abled persons. Disorder lodging should enable the persons to overcome the difficulties and to perform like any individual.

Affliction quarters are considered as scaffolding to these people to achieve the same heights in education or job. But it could be as simple as avoiding an obstruction in a building or constructing a ramp for the easy access of these people. Adapted toilet facility for the disabled, audio signal points to help the visually challenge are also considered as disability accommodation. We could see these changes in educational field, we adapt curriculum to suit the needs of the differently abled. Extra time allocation for visually and hearing challenged students is helping the children to cop up with the examination. The specialist disability accommodation may be in terms of physical environment of technological adaptations; whatever may be the change it should aims to the maximum benefit of the disabled.

We could make adaptations in the physical environment of a building in favor of the physically challenged people. We could construct a ramp and provide lift for the easy movement of these people. If the overall design is not suitable for the differently abled we can modify if by removing the obstructions. We can modify machineries also to suit with the needs of these people. We could provide large print and talking software for the visually challenged. The deaf may benefit by smart phone which enable them for video call. Providing finger spelling interpreters for the hearing impaired is also could be considered as disability accommodation. Braille printed materials, brail typing machines; equipment, mobility aids and screen reading software for computers are supportive measures for the visually challenged.

Disability accommodation has vast area of implementation because the differently abled people have the right to get access to every place and opportunity like any other people. We may have to change the policy matters also for accommodating the special needs of these people. For example usually we may not allow pets in some places like business meeting, but we must change the policy for a blind person who brings a guide dog. We must be ready to give convenient time schedule for the disabled persons according to their travel timings.

Persons with disability have the right to get quality education and living atmosphere in our country. The recent act regarding the rights suggests serious punishment for the violation of these laws. The law aims to the comprehensive inclusion of the people with special needs. Specialist disability accommodation is a serious step towards achieving the proclamation of equality in the recent disability acts.